AromaTouch Technique

When I first heard about this technique, I heard how it was helping to nurture and support my friend with her spine after being disabled for many years. Then I heard about how people were using the technique with their children and loved ones to connect with them and support the health of their body.  


I just knew had to learn it.


It felt so natural to me and I loved giving the technique to my friends and family, the layering of each smell from the essential oils was divine.


Then I knew I had to teach others how to do this technique.


It’s so simple to do, the moves are quite repetitive and there’s only 8 oils to layer down the spine and feet so it’s easy to remember. Anyone can learn this technique and apply it to care for their loved ones.



During the class you’ll learn about how this technique was developed, the theory behind it, give and receive an AromaTouch, so you’ll leave feeling confident to apply this technique at home.  


I run this training 6-8 times a year on the Sunshine Coast in Caloundra, click below to find out when the next one is and get your ticket.


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