One day a friend shared with me about the Medical Medium (Anothny Williams) and how he shares the truth about food and health. From that day Anthony continued to show up in my awareness and so when I saw his book when I was in a health food shop I knew it was time to get it!

Since then I’ve been deep in his work learning about how food actually interacts with our body and how we can intentionally begin a healing journey with food and supplements.

Then he released a book called Liver Rescue and I was super excited because I know my liver has had a rough time and I’ve put it through a lot of abuse!

So I was super keen to get started with the Liver Cleanse which only goes for 9 days, so easy and doable! The cleanse is full of fresh food, cooked and raw.

It’s important not to go hungry during this cleanse so it really is a breeze to do!

I now do this cleanse on a regular basis and have set up a Liver Cleanse Support Group for those who want to join me on this healing journey. If that’s you and your liver is needing some loving click below to register, see you in there!



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