When I (Kira) first heard about dōTERRA essential oils I was at my friend Vanessa Jean’s cooking class and she was using the oils to flavour her food. I remember thinking wait, what?! You can’t use essential oils in your food!! But as I learnt more and came to understand that we were actually already ingesting essential oils in many different ways and learning that the purity and quality was actually really important to our oil usage, I became a dōTERRA essential oil convert!

At the time of discovering dōTERRA we were in the process of changing our lifestyle significantly! We’d cleaned up our diet and removed many toxic products from our home but when it came to a health issue we were still turning to panadol and pharmaceutical drugs which felt really incongruent with our values but we didn’t know what else to do. So I became super excited when I started learning more about essential oils and how they could support our health.

When I decided I was ready to bring dōTERRA into our home, I had a decision to make……….

was I going to buy the little kit or the big kit?!

Only took me a moment to realise the value of the big kit and I knew these were going to be well used in our home!

And they were! I became an oil freak! I remember my husband Dan was on board but not 100% and so when I said for the 4642 time ‘I’ve got an oil for that’ he let me know it was time to chill out!

So I did but secretly continued with my excitement and finding new ways to use the oils. Then his time came as he discovered the benefits of the oils and got excited about using them!

Now we use the oils for our health, in our cooking, for emotional support, in our natural cleaning products, in our personal care products, to diffuse and have a beautiful smelling home! They’ve literally changed our lives for the better and we are incredibly grateful that dōTERRA came into our lives!

Since then we have been sharing these powerful gifts of the earth with everyone, we started travelling up and down the west coast of Australia visiting country towns to run workshops and teach about the oils.

Then in June 2015 we sold all our stuff and moved into a caravan. At the time Dan was doing a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) job on a mine site so we managed our travels around that then in May 2016 the income we received from dōTERRA more than replaced Dan’s income and then we travelled Australia and overseas full time doing what we love, sharing the oils, empowering lives and helping people to their freedom!

On our travels around Australia a little country town on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland namely Maleny started calling us and when we arrived we decided to finish travelling in our van and settle in this magical place.

Now Maleny is where we call home and where we continue to share the oils, teach workshops and nourish our growing business from, so if you’re around the area we’d love to meet you and you’re always welcome at our workshops which you can find on our events page!


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