When we first began learning about essential oils it was important for me to know why I was choosing dōTERRA and how they where superior to other essential oils, throughout my research over the last few years this is what I discovered:

  • In April 2008 dōTERRA was created by 7 individuals who are passionate about bringing high quality, clean and pristine essential oils to the world and in the process bringing positive change and light to make a difference in the world. This is when CTPG* (Certified Therapeutic Pure Grade) was born and the whole essential oil industry changed!
  • dōTERRA work directly with the growers and distillers through their co-impacting sourcing model to create solid lasting relationships and provide these workers and communities with what they need to live a more comfortable life.
  • ‘dō’ means Gift and TERRA means Earth, so they are our ‘Gifts from the Earth’!
  • dōTERRA know the best way for the oils to spread around the world is by people sharing them, so they set out to change network marketing industry and focus on people and the product rather than the ‘opportunity’, the $$’s and the hype. At dōTERRA events what you’ll see is real people providing education and inspiration.
  • dōTERRA are debt free, therefore no need to explain themselves to outside investors and can make the best decisions with the people in mind not the investor!
  • Every owner we’ve met, give you their 100% focus, presence and attention like there’s no one else around! They practise what they preach.
  • They are the most heart centred, loyal, authentic people with such integrity and are literally changing the world in so many ways!


*What this means is that doTERRA source the plant for the essential oil from where is has the best growing conditions. So the lemon comes from Sicily, Lavender from the French Alps and Bulgaria, Australia has the best conditions for Eucalyptus and Tea Tree so they are sourced here on our home turf. This way the plant has the best chance of growing to it’s full potential and we get the very best possible oil.

They then send every batch off to a 3rd party who tests them and determines the quality and purity. If this meets dōTERRA’s standards the batch is approved and passed through to be bottled if it doesn’t meet the standard then it’s sent back. Once a batch has been sent to dōTERRA then do all their own testing to ensure the quality and purity then it’s bottled and ship to us! There you have it a CPTG essential oil!